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Who We Are and What We Do

The Castro/Eureka Valley Neighborhood Association provides a public forum for the people who live, work, and play in the greater Eureka Valley area to discuss common issues and concerns, and help develop solutions to improve the neighborhood. Please Join EVNA by clicking the “Join” tab above






Goals of EVNA:


  • Protect and enhance the character of the neighborhood, its historic resources and significant topographic features and open space
  • Ensure that growth, development, and public access are compatible with and meet the needs of residents and the business community
  • Protect and improve public health and safety
  • Encourage friendly association among neighbors and businesses
  • Provide an educational forum and community outreach to community partners


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Castro/EVNA Public Meetings are the fourth Wednesday of Jan., Mar., May, Jul., Sep. and the annual meeting is the third Wednesday of Nov. at 7PM in the Auditorium at Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy!

Next Meeting: Join us at our January 27 meeting for:

  • An introduction to our newly elected Board
  • An update on Castro Cares
  • A presentation on our historic context statement project
  • An introduction to Foodscape, a new urban farming program
  • A presentation on the Prado Group's plans for the Sullivan Funeral Home site

* 2016 Public Meetings: Jan. 27, Mar. 23, May 25, Jul. 27, Sep. 28, & November 16.

* 2016 Board Meetings: Jan. 13, Feb. 10, Mar. 9, Apr. 13, May 11, Jun. 8, Jul. 13, Aug. 10, Sep. 14, Oct. 12, November 9 and December 14 all in the Chase Meeting Room.

* 2016 Planning & Land Use Committee Meetings: Jan. 6, Feb. 3, Mr. 2, Apr. 6, May 4, Jun. 1; Jul 6, Aug. 3, Sep. 7, Oct. 5, Nov. 2, Dec. 7 in the Chase Meeting Room.

* Upcoming Quality of Life Committee Meeting, email chair Shelah.Barr@EVNA.org


Members and the Public are welcome to attend Board and committee meetings.

2015 Membership Survey (planning)

Please comment on this page with possible questions to survey the EVNA membership.




What is certain to be a hot-button topic in our next general election, the San Francisco Department of Elections has certified a ballot measure limiting Airbnb and other short-term residential rentals to tourists. The initiative qualified for the November 3, 2015 municipal election. The ballot measure will:


HOT TOPICS - March - April 2015

FARMERS MARKET: THE POPULAR FARMERS MARKET HAS RETURNED. Get your fresh produce, fish, meat and breads among other things at this new neighborhood institution. Wednesdays 4 to 8PM

PINK SATURDAY: Supervisor Wiener has been working with the Mayor’s Office to identify a new sponsor of Pink Saturday. Details are not final, but plan for an earlier start and close of the celebration of LGBT Pride.

What’s Going on In the Neighborhood? Commercial Development Update

By Mark D McHale, EVNA Board Member

An unofficial update on what’s coming and going in our commercial spaces.

160 Church Street
Former Blockbuster
Proposed cross-fit training center.

2100 Market/15th Streets
Former HOME restaurant
Proposed 64-unit condo development

2101 Market Street
Veo Optics
Now vacant

Planning Committee Update

By EVNA Planning Committee


2254 Market Street (Sullivan’s Funeral Home)


Welcome to Castro/EVNA! The neighborhood group serving the residents and others who work and play in San Francisco's Eureka Valley neighborhoods of the Castro, Duboce Triangle and Upper Market.